Andrea "Andi" Cruz[1] is the best friend of Emma Alonso. She is a student at Iridium High and is the only female member of the Sharks' Swimming team. She is good friends with Mac Davis,Diego Rueda, and Daniel Miller.Andi is fourteen and is played by Daniela Nieves.


Andi doesn't enjoy or like being called Andrea because she thinks it's to girly. [2] She is fearless and is an ultimate tomboy. Andi gets straight A's and is great at sarcasm. She considers herself an "average girl".[3]


Like Emma, she has dark brown hair, except with purple highlights. Andi has forest green eyes (green with brown). She has an edgy style, that includes leather jackets with high top sneakers or moccasins. When she met Emma, Andi started wearing makeup.[4]


  • She may or may not have a crush on Diego.
  • She hates The Panthers.
  • She sleeps with a ladybug night light.
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